About The Staff

Adrienne Maloney, Executive Director

Adrienne, a former board member for Family SOUP since 2018, is honored to be the Executive Director. Her respect for Family SOUP as an organization started with her own experience as a mother of a child with special needs. Seeing first-hand the importance of early intervention, parent-to-parent support, resources, and education, she developed a passion for helping children with special needs and their families, wanting to ensure that they never had to go through this journey alone. She is also the managing founder of the local YS Walk-N-Roll, volunteering with families of children with special needs since 2017. Contact Adrienne at adrienne@familysoup.org

Cindy E. Chandler, Regional Liaison

Cindy is one of the founding mothers of Family SOUP.  She is a mother of three and a seasoned veteran of IEPs, IPPs and 504s, from pre-school to college. If you can't find her doing something for Family SOUP, she’s probably in the garden. Contact Cindy at cindy@familysoup.org

Leanne Cox, Program Director

Family SOUP is an organization that is very near and dear to Leanne's heart. She began a relationship with Family SOUP as a parent when beginning the diagnosis and IEP process for her own child. She looks forward to being able to “pay-it-forward”, providing support and information to other families in our community who are beginning and continuing that journey with their own children. Contact Leanne at leanne@familysoup.org

Chris Hickey, Resource Parent

Chris works with the families of our youngest children. She represents on the local Community Advisory Committee and she also represents Sutter County on the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, as well as being involved in many other local activities in the community of Sutter. Contact Chris at chris@familysoup.org

Cynthia Sandoval, Resource Parent

Cynthia is our Spanish Parent Liaison and has been with Family SOUP since July 2003. She speaks Spanish, English and American Sign Language. She helps organize parent support activities, translates information for parents and works one-on-one with parents to identify their needs. Contact Cynthia at cynthia@familysoup.org

Amber Soto, Administrative Assistant 

Amber has been with Family SOUP since 2008. She particularly enjoys the supportive and learning atmosphere at Family SOUP, which helps her to point families in the right direction when they call our agency to request services. Contact Amber at ambers@familysoup.org  

Brenda Leonhardt, Able Riders Director 

Brenda is the Able Riders Director for Family Soup in addition to a Resource Parent. She works closely with families in the office and out at Red Dog Ranch. She believes that Able Riders is a valuable asset to our community, and she enjoys seeing the benefits that kids derive from that program. Contact Brenda at brenda@familysoup.org  

Janis Perrucci, Financial Director

Janis has been a part of the organization since 1992, when she first served as Treasurer of the Board.  She is currently the staff member responsible for keeping our finances in order. Contact Janis at perrucci3@comcast.net

Travis Nichols, Youth Coordinator

Travis is our Youth Coordinator and was born and raised in Yuba City. Travis is a completely blind man, and he has a passion for helping to uplift and empower his fellow brothers and sisters within the disabled community. Travis has been a bluegrass/americana musician for nearly 11 years and finds music to be one of the strongest, most effective empowerment tools, transcending all barriers and helping to promote connection and comradery. He is looking forward to meeting, connecting and growing with our youth! Contact Travis at travis@familysoup.org

Navpreet Gill, Peer Navigator

Navpreet Gill is a Peer Navigator for our Punjabi and Hindi-speaking families in our MIND the Gap program as well as a Resource Parent. She was born and raised in India and moved here with her family in 2004. As a parent of two young children, one of whom has special needs, Navpreet has an understanding of the complex nature of parenting children with special needs and has a passion for helping families and providing support. Contact Navpreet at navpreet@familysoup.org

Elizabeth Hermosillo-Ervin, Peer Navigator & Resource Parent

Elizabeth is the Peer Navigator for our Spanish-speaking families in our MIND the Gap program as well as a Resource Parent. Elizabeth started out at Family SOUP as a board member a while back. She's a mother of four charming young boys, two of whom have special needs. She will soon be achieving an Associate Degree for Transfer in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis on special needs and is excited to start working with our Spanish speaking families that will benefit from her experience, encouragement, and support! Contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@familysoup.org